The only sign announcing that we had arrived to Blanca Espuma stated that the town had a population of 6, 000, with a “+2” added in black marker.

In the middle of the Mexican rain forest, this little paradise is inhabited by joyful and hardworking pottery artisans that received us with smiles on their faces, eager to show us around and hopeful that we could help them with the biggest problem of the community, the lack of basic drinking water infrastructure.

Located in one of the wettest areas of the country, this town receives drinking water from an old pumping station several kilometers away, making it unavailable for almost three days of the week. Resulting in the old lady with potted plants on her balcony being criticized for watering them daily.

The townspeople had pretty much given up and made their lives around the lack of water, however their kids witnessed the arrival of the internet to the mountains and now have great dreams of changing their fate by studying abroad.

It was trough this kids that we learned about Blanca Espuma, and with the aid of crowdfunding and our own touch of social integration, we are helping the community to finance and build a rain water colleting and filtration plant.


In we are dedicated to building bridges within communities that need development opportunities, using tools that engage people ensuring the success of our interventions.

Since the arrival of social media, customers are empowered, wanting clear and immediate evidence from brands about how their products leave a positive mark within the society.

Nonetheless, social engagement campaigns may be a death step in a marketing strategy. It is not just about making ads using trending topics, publicity needs to generate ties of mutual interest: brand-customer-community all in one.

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