If your company disappeared today, would anyone miss it? According to a report from Meaningful Brands UK, customers wouldn’t miss 94% of the brands that they use today. This is the challenge of modern marketing.

One of the instruments that companies, prior to social networks, used to show its commitment to the world was the Corporate Social Responsibility. However, with social media, customers are empowered, wanting clear and immediate evidence from brands about how their products leave a positive mark within the society.

A touching example of this kind of new social purpose campaign is this year’s Johnnie Walker tribute about the people of Lesbos, Greece who helped almost half a million Syrian refugees to safely get to shore and gave them shelter, water and food.

Nonetheless, social engagement campaigns may be a death step in a marketing strategy. It is not just about making ads using trending topics, publicity needs to generate ties of mutual interest: brand-customer-community all in one. It is about stories of real social development.

In MiCochinito.com we are dedicated to building bridges within communities that need development opportunities, using tools that engage people ensuring the success of our interventions.

One of our favorite campaigns is currently being developed in the Mexican rain forest, in the town of Blanca Espuma, Veracruz where the community lives among beautiful scenery but lacks the basic drinking water infrastructure.

There, with the aid of crowdfunding and our own touch of social integration, we helped the townspeople to finance and build a rain water colleting and filtration plant.

Like this, we have stories for all types of industries, with editorial content and inspiration ready to be told. People, more than ever, care about their communities, and they want brands to care about them too, don’t get left behind.