Most of my classmates and people my age, are getting accepted to master degrees on prestigious universities, some others are accepting marriage and kids. I am an entrepreneur; therefore, I get accepted to a whole different type of stuff. For example, I was accepted to exhibit at Alpha on Web Summit 2014.

I must state that when my team and I decided to participate on Web Summit 2014, we were not very sure of what we were doing (with our life). We knew we did not like standard jobs on standard companies, we were three rebels that became friends in the path of following our beliefs (How romantic that sounds!).

Before applying, we checked a lot of blog entries on what happened at the event, all of them agreed on the idea that the experience was awesome but that the amount of investment, allies and friends depend only in the company and not on the venue. That made us doubt.

We doubted because our company was very young. It only had a few months since the first version of our crowdfunding website was online. We were actually looking for a fairy godmother to give us a lot of money and a lot of costumers. Never the less, we spent the little money we had on plane tickets and a trip to a continent I haven’t been before. Our families, boyfriends and girlfriends were not very happy with us and our intuition-based decision.

We met awesome people at Dublin, we drank wine on an Ambassador’s living room and attend to a concert of one of my favorite bands: The Kooks (I wanna make you happy!) but not much happened with our company.

At least not immediately.

Few months later, after we came back, unpacked, and made the financial aftermath, we made and received several phone calls and emails: we talked to a national broadcaster based in our country, to a couple of investors interested in us, and to a company that invited us to share our story in a worldwide forum. It took us around eight months to harvest our visit to Dublin.

Those months were necessary because Web Summit’s heritage to our company was not only to give us and space for networking, or hundreds (literally) of presentation cards. In my experience, to attend the Summit was a lesson of self-confidence, it pushed our boundaries and made our team lose fear of speaking to people we didn’t know or try new things, knock on doors and make things happen.

For the record, the three of us lost our boyfriends/girlfriends, but won the opportunity to raise the capital we needed, we became speakers at WOBI on Entrepreneurship, and were presented as a Latin America’s best public policy on the Summit of the Americas 2015. The team that back on 2014 was of only three grew to 11 awesome young people that as you read, are working on developing the newest version of “” (Spanish for “”), a crowdfunding platform that focuses on the unbanked population of rural Latin America. We are a social business on a for profit model. We have awesome investors and we a are looking for awesome costumers.

The journey is not finished; we are only begging to explore what our team is made of. We want more presentation cards and an extra doses of self-confidence, we want to give hope to those entrepreneurs that just like us on 2014, were looking for godparents ignoring that all the resources needed for an entrepreneurship are always on them and their immediate communities. We want to meet people and spread the idea that technology, business and social good must be together in the business of the future.

That is why we were very happy when we talked to the staff for Web Summit 2016 and told us: “You are accepted”.


Federico Arellano – Mexico – Founder of – Available on twitter @FedeArellano.